Kogan Mobile Data Packs

Data Packs


Running low on megabytes? You can buy an incredible value Kogan Mobile Data Pack from Kogan.com, or from your Kogan Mobile account. Never run out of data again!

Purchasing Packs?

The easiest way to buy one of the above Data Packs is to SMS the right code to 12612 from your mobile and pay with the credit card stored on your account.
  • Send DATA 5 to purchase the $5 Data Pack valid for 2 days
  • Send DATA10 to purchase the $10 Data Pack valid for 7 days

Do I need an existing Kogan Mobile Account?

Yes, in order to benefit from Kogan Mobile Data Packs you will need to have an existing account. If you are looking for one of our amazing prepaid plans you can find them here.

Can I stack Data Packs to ensure I am always connected?

Yes, you can purchase and use up to 5 Data Packs at any given time. Also, any unused data from the Data Packs will still be available after your Kogan Mobile plan is recharged!

Terms & Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions set out here, the following terms and conditions apply if you purchase an KOGAN MOBILE DATA PACK:


  • Data can only be used in Australia on Vodafone Networks.
  • Data usage is charged in per kB increments
  • If your Kogan Mobile Recharge Product includes a data allowance, data will be deducted from the Kogan Mobile Recharge Product or DATA PACK/s in order of sooner expiry used first (i.e. product expiring first, will be used first)
  • The DATA PACKS are not for commercial or resale purposes.
  • If you have purchased an initial DATA PACK (which has not yet expired) and add another DATA PACK, the Expiry Periods begin on purchase and will run concurrently until the end of each Expiry Period.
  • Unused data, from the DATA PACK, can continue to be used after your Kogan Mobile Recharge Product Expiry Period, however will be forfeited at the end of the DATA PACK Expiry Period.
  • The maximum number of DATA PACKS that can be purchased and used at any given time is 5.
  • The DATA PACKS will require you to have an active Kogan Mobile Recharge Product, before you can purchase a Data pack.

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Need to call or text overseas? The PREMIER ACCESS BOLT-ON gives you credit for international calls and texts, as well as other extra services.

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