Customer Terms & Conditions (SFOA)

Kogan Mobile telecommunications services are provided by Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd or its subsidiaries (Vodafone) under terms and conditions published by Vodafone from time to time. The terms of your Kogan Mobile service are set out in the Vodafone Standard Form of Agreement (SFOA), as varied from time to time. Some changes to the SFOA apply for Kogan Mobile customers including the following:


  • Kogan Mobile Customer Care phone numbers are:
  • References to Vodafone Coverage Area are replaced with the Kogan Coverage Area which means the geographic area within Australia where the Vodafone Network operates from time to time, refer to the coverage maps on koganmobile.com.au for the most up to date coverage maps.
  • Registration/activation of SIM Your prepaid service can be activated on the Kogan Mobile website or by calling .
  • Recharging your Kogan Mobile Prepaid Account
    • You may Recharge Your Prepaid Account at any time by:
      • Registering Your credit card online or by calling and Recharging with your selected recharge amount from time to time;
      • Recharging automatically through Auto Recharge, so on the same day each month, Your credit card will be automatically debited with Your selected recharge amount, You can set up Auto Recharge by registering Your credit card details online or by calling . International credit cards not linked with the global Cirrus, Maestro, Visa and American Express networks may not be acceptable.
      • You can change between these payment methods at the end of each Recharge period. If You are on Auto Recharge You will need to give Us a day’s notice so We can apply the change to your next Recharge.
    • Usage charge records You can obtain Your usage charge records for the preceding 6 months through the accounts.koganmobile.com.au website. You can also call for free from Your Mobile Phone to check Your Prepaid Account Balance at any time.
    • Call rates are available on koganmobile.com.au
    • Self Service is available through accounts.koganmobile.com.au