Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend

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What You Need to Do

to get 100GB of Bonus Data (T&Cs below)

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1: Share the code from the SMS you received with a friend

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2: Share this page with your friend so that they can follow the below steps

What Your Friend Needs to Do

for their first month free (T&Cs below)

1: Order a new SIM from here

2: Go to and follow the steps to activate your SIM

3: Click the "email voucher code' option and insert the code that your friend referred to you via SMS

4: Finalize activation and enjoy your first month free thanks to your mate!

Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern your participation in the Kogan Mobile Refer a Friend Offer. Valid for existing Kogan Mobile 365 Day Plan customers (“Referrer”) and their friend, a new Kogan Mobile customer (“Friend”).  Personal use only.  

Referrer Conditions:
The Referrer is eligible to receive a complimentary 100GB of bonus data only after the eligible ‘refer a friend’ voucher has been redeemed by the Friend before 30/06/2022.  The Referrer will receive the 100GB of bonus data automatically once their unique voucher code has been redeemed by their Friend and must use the 100GB of bonus data before their current plan expiry.

Friend Conditions:
The Friend will receive 1 Month Free when the Friend purchases a  Kogan Mobile MEDIUM 12 Month Plan and activates the Referral’s unique voucher code. Kogan Mobile MEDIUM 12 Month Plan has a 12-month commitment term. Minimum Cost over 12-month commitment term is $165 (MEDIUM Monthly Plan). If you wish to cancel your plan early you will need to pay an Early Exit Fee. The Early Exit Fee when cancelling between month-1 and month-9 of the Commitment Term = 3 months plan fees. Early Exit Fee when cancelling between month-10 and month-12 = 1-months plan fees. The maximum early exit fee is $60. Voucher must be redeemed by 11:59 pm AEST on 30/06/2022.